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Lumbarda Events

The following are examples of typical Lumbarda summer events

Folklore events

  • Folk dance performances (every Wednesday)
  • Fishermen’s evenings celebration  (every Friday)
  • Traditional Dalmatian male and female choirs concerts
  • Church choir concerts
  • Grk wine festivals

Cultural events

  • Art exhibitions – local artists
  • Poetry evenings

Recreation, sport and fun activities for adults

  • Sand volleyball
  • Soccer tournament
  • Tug-of-War
  • Donkey race

Visit Lumbarda and enjoy your stay!

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Korčula Events

For different events on Korčula, please see this page.


Performed only by males from Korčula town families, the mock battle dance with each soldier holding two swords is traditionally performed on July 29 (St. Theodore’s Day) and weekly during the summer. Documentation shows that the Moreška sword dance has been performed in Korčula since at least the 17th century, but the dance may be older, since double swords were a known sword technique in the 16th century.
Dramatic dialogue sets the context for the Red and Black armies to battle for the return of captured maiden Bula, who was abducted by the Moro (Arab) King. Clashing and sparking swords in seven battles end with the bula being freed from her chains and returned to her beloved Osman (Turkish) King.
Historically, the accompaniment for Moreška was based on the musical fashion of its time, since the city of Korčula was in accord with European cultural trends. Today a brass band plays a 20th century arrangement composed by Krsto Odak.