Food & Drink

Eat, drink and be Korculanin!

Food is locally produced and gardens are green and plentiful. Delicious fresh vegetables can be enjoyed with locally caught fish or lobsters. Visit the farmers market stalls in the village and treat yourself to sun kissed fruit and salad, olive oil and honey.

The local culture is to start the day with just an espresso and have “marenda” mid-morning, this is a light early lunch. The main meal of the day is in the middle of the afternoon.

Try “brodet”, a great fish stew, “pohana hobotnica”, fried octopus, goat’s cheese in oil, lobster, slow cooked “peka” meat from under the fire ashes or Dalmation cured ham

Restaurants offer fabulous sea food, pasta dishes, pizzas as well as Dalmation and traditional food. There are multiple dining opportunities on our door step for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and not to forget the excellent ice cream parlour right on our doorstep that is a favourite for children of all ages! Ask our reception staff for recommendations. 

For privacy and seclusion try eating at the private restaurant on the island of Stupa, only accessible by boat. Food here is local cuisine cooked over a barbeque.

Wine connoisseurs may already know that Lumbarda is where Grk, an excellent white wine produced from the indigenous grape of the same name, is grown.

Other local white wines include Rukatac and Posip. There is also a terrific red wine called Plavac.

Zivjeli – “to your health”